Sunday, June 21, 2009

In Memory of my Father

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

I miss being able to say these words. My daddy went home to be with Jesus May 22,1987. He was in the hospital after having had surgery for cancer,the doctors called the family in late at night on the 21st. He was worse,so they were moving him to ICU. As we followed the bed he was in to the elevator he was singing "I'm going home to see Jesus". The doctor said he shouldn't even be conscious and he wasn't after he arrived at ICU. This memory is even more precious because my daddy didn't sing,EVER! He was happy and at peace.

My daddy was born in 1917. The oldest of 12 kids. He had a condition with his spinal that made him kinda stoop over,this was the reason for his nickname "Humpy".

Daddy loved books, and everything about learning.He would have loved to have been a lawyer.But times were hard and he had to quit school before getting his high school diploma and go to work in a cotton mill.

He was a weaver and a very good one. He taught me no matter what you do in life give it your all. I have always tried to follow this and at times have been a workaholic .

He never stopped reading and encouraged all of us kids to read. He was teaching me to read the newspaper before I stared school. I am still an avid reader.

He also loved nature and gardening. I believe he could grow anything. Once in the mid 1970s he planted a marijuana plant. It was said to be very hard to grow. He planted it among his tomato plants. After about a month it was doing good but he was afraid of getting busted so he destroyed it. I am sure the cops would not have believed he only wanted to see if he could grow it but that was the truth.

He taught me to play poker which I love. I still play at real money exchanges hands).

He also loved football. His team was the Washington Redskins and I am thankful he got to see them win a superbowl.

I miss him in so many ways. A few years back I had jury duty he would have loved discussing that . We would have enjoyed watching OJ's trail together it would have been about the court proceeding for us not the celebrity.

He had 5 children and now has 12 grandchildren. And at least 6 great grandchildren,one of my nephews may have more than I know. They have all done well. His oldest granddaughter is a teacher I know he would be proud. But so far no lawyer. Maybe one of the great grandkids will be one.

I love you ,daddy .

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