Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Weekend off!!!

I have been enjoying my first weekend off in a month. The weather is beautiful,sunny and warm.

I have been watching the birds eat at our feeder in the yard. I am going to have to get a book to teach myself the different birds I am seeing.

I have gotten some crafts done a couple of new items are in my etsy shop . I still haven't had any sales on Etsy but I have sold a few items locally. I am now working on orders for college pillows . A plus to having a high school senior. I must brag about her she will be attending Clemson for her college years this is a dream come true for her. She was also accepted at Auburn but she is staying in state.

I have started to Twitter you can follow me at

Work has slowed down so I hope to be blogging more often. Everyone have a great week.

Friday, February 13, 2009

One More Day!

One more day of long hours then back to more reasonable work days. Then I will be back on more often . Thanks to Crystal for mentioning me in an award earlier this month sorry I was so slow in catching up.
I am planning on catching up on all my blog friends next week and posting more often.
I also plan to add new items to my etsy shop so stay tuned.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Stress!! Stress!!!STRESS!!!!

Boy has my life become stressful. It's busy season at work. So I don't eat right and don't get enough sleep. So I am bitchy! Then we get the news that my husband 's plant is going to be closed for a week they are already on 4 days .
So I am that poor kitten holding on to the end of the rope and then I get the worse news of the year. My daughter is going to Kuwait in June for 6 months. She doesn't think of it as a big deal but her mother thinks it terrifying even though I know its her job and I am proud of her .
Everyone please pray for me and the poor people who have to live and work with me. Hopefully I wont hurt anyone's feelings before I get it together.