Monday, December 29, 2008

Sunny Day!

The sun was shining today. That makes my days so much better. I finished 2 pillows which I will be putting on etsy tomorrow. I also listed 2 of the birdhouses I have been working on. One is pictured here. I am going to figure out how to put those little pictures that link to my shop on my blog.

I have marked down all my holiday items 25% and free shipping but I am removing them from etsy on Jan. 1 so if you see anything you want get it now!

I have started a quilted throw of the Lord's Supper now all I want to do is work on it. I sometimes get so absorbed in a project and don't want to put it down.

I hope everyone is looking forward to the new year and expecting it to be a great year. May we all accomplish our goals.

Talk to ya'll real soon.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! We were blessed with beautiful sunshine and warm weather. Everyone had a good time even though gifts were small this year because of the economy.

I want to thank Sharon at Magnolia Blossom Art she posted a recipe for Blondie brownies and my husband and son-in-law were very pleased with them. My husband has been wanting me to male them for years but I couldn't find a recipe.

My black walnut cake turned out beautiful and taste so good.

I have a week before I have to go back to work so i will be wrapping up some projects and putting new items in my etsy shop. Be sure to check it out.

here is a picture of the cake . Don't you just want a bite?

Monday, December 22, 2008


I got my sunshine. o, what a difference it makes in my mood.

The Christmas program was beautiful. Afterwards we all went to Texas Roadhouse for lunch. I always feel sorry for the waiter with our rowdy bunch but we do leave a good tip.

The weather is cold here but I am thankful it isn't as bad as it is in the northeast and the west everyone there needs to stay really bundled up.

I am getting the house ready for everyone to arrive, cleaning and baking. I gain 5 pounds just from the smells.

I am posting a picture of Ashton , our granddaughter she is just a little bit spoiled.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Rainy Days!

Yuk. I am sick of all the rain. I NEED SUNSHINE!! Santa, are you listening?
I need to to start my baking and cleaning but all I want to do is sleep.
we are going to Belmont, NC in the morning to go to church with our 2 middle daughters. Our granddaughter is in the Christmas program. Check back later for pictures. (Pround Nana)
It seems like there is so much to do and I have no energy. Does the rain do this to anyone else?
I am thankful it is only rain and not ice like we had in 2005. We were without electricity for a week in mid December, made getting ready for Christmas difficult but was one of the best Christmas' we have had in the 2000's. Good food, family and lots of laughter. Laughter seems to make the memories better. Everyone was happy.
I think I will take that nap now and get up and do happy things. Everyone have a wonderful weekend , don't stress out over the holidays just enjoy!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Holiday Sale!

Hi Everyone,
I am rushing around finishing up for Christmas. I only have 3 gifts left to wrap. Then start the baking. Next year I shall start early hunting black walnuts it's not Christmas without a black walnut pound cake but at $13 a pound it sure is expensive!
I have marked all my holiday items on Etsy down 25% with free shipping it would be a good time to stock up for next year.
The weather has been rainy for the last few days and I know we need the rain but I have a terrible time with depression without sunshine. I could never live in the northwest. But would love to visit in the summertime.
Randall is up and wants to use the computer(works 3rd shift), so I'll write again later.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tax Time is Coming!

Thanks everyone for the encouraging words. The family is beginning to feel better. Still don't want much food.

I know everyone does not want to think about taxes at this time of year. But there are some changes it is important to know early especially about the real estate tax payments being added to the standard deduction without having to itemize. Here are a few of the highlights from the IRS . To read more check out

First-Time Homebuyers Tax Credit — First-time homebuyers should begin planning now to take advantage of a new tax credit available for a limited time. The credit applies to primary home purchases between April 9, 2008, and June 30, 2009. Normally, this tax credit must be paid back in equal payments over 15 years. The credit is 10 percent of the purchase price of the home, with a maximum available credit of $7,500 for either a single taxpayer or a married couple filing jointly. First-time homebuyers are those who have not owned a home in the three years prior to a purchase.
Real Estate Tax Deduction — There is an additional standard deduction for those who don’t itemize their deductions, but pay real estate taxes. The additional deduction amount is equal to the amount of real estate taxes paid up to $500 for single filers or up to $1,000 for joint filers. This deduction is available for the 2008 and 2009 tax years and increases your standard deduction.
Tuition and Fees Deduction — You may be able to deduct qualified tuition and required enrollment fees up to $4,000 that you pay for yourself, your spouse or a dependent. You do not have to itemize to take this deduction. However, a taxpayer cannot take both the tuition and fees deduction and education credits (Hope & Lifetime Learning Credits) for the same student in the same year. Income limits and other special rules apply to each of these provisions. To determine whether your expenses are qualified, refer to IRS Publication 970, Tax Benefits for Education. The 2008 edition is available soon online. This publication also describes other education-related tax benefits.
Educators’ Out of Pocket Expense Deduction — The educator expense deduction allows teachers and other educators to deduct the cost of books, supplies, equipment and software used in the classroom. Eligible educators include those who work at least 900 hours during a school year as a teacher, instructor, counselor, principal or aide in a public or private elementary or secondary school. Worth up to $250, the educator expense deduction is available whether or not the educator itemizes deductions on Schedule A.
Recovery Rebate Credit — If you did not qualify or did not receive the maximum amount for the 2008 economic stimulus payment you may be entitled to a recovery rebate credit when you file your 2008 tax return. Review the tax return filing instructions including the recovery rebate credit worksheet. You need to know the amount of the payment you received in 2008, which can be found on your Economic Stimulus Payment Notice (Notice 1378). Two online tools on will be available soon — the Recovery Rebate Credit Calculator will help taxpayers figure the amount they should claim on their 2008 tax return, and How Much Was My 2008 Stimulus Payment? helps you determine what your stimulus payment was.
New Rules for “Cash” Charitable Contributions — Since tax year 2007, to deduct any charitable donation of money, you must have a bank record, credit card statement or a written communication from the recipient showing the name of the organization and the date and amount of the contribution. In determining what may be deducted as a charitable contribution, see IRS Publication 526 for 2008 to be released in the near future.

Everyone have a Blessed weekend!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Stomach Virus OUCH!

I have accomplished very little this week because a stomach virus has run havoc thought out my household. Jenny had it so bad she lost 10 pounds which she really can't afford to do. Me I was sick as a dog but didn't lose weight. I don't believe its possible for me to lose. Randy lost 3 days work because of it. I really hope none of you get this it is terrible. But I am thankful it was now and not the week of Christmas.
I am working on pillows for some family members and tote bags for some others. I have so many ideas and not enough time to work on them.
Everyone have a wonderful weekend.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I am back

I have been busy with work and trying to get ready for Christmas. My blog has suffered because of it. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We did had 6 of the 7 kids home and all the grandkids and NO DRAMA. Amazing! Everyone got along well ,had a great time, and ate too much.
Check out the etsy shop I am offering free shipping on holiday items. I won't be adding too much new before Christmas got to get gifts done.
After the first of the year I will be introducing a new line of things made from recycled materials. Example tote bag from blue jean legs. Be sure to check back then.
I hope everyone is having a good time getting ready for Christmas and the economy isn't hurting you too badly.
Take care. i will try to blog at least once a week the rest of the year.