Friday, February 6, 2009

Stress!! Stress!!!STRESS!!!!

Boy has my life become stressful. It's busy season at work. So I don't eat right and don't get enough sleep. So I am bitchy! Then we get the news that my husband 's plant is going to be closed for a week they are already on 4 days .
So I am that poor kitten holding on to the end of the rope and then I get the worse news of the year. My daughter is going to Kuwait in June for 6 months. She doesn't think of it as a big deal but her mother thinks it terrifying even though I know its her job and I am proud of her .
Everyone please pray for me and the poor people who have to live and work with me. Hopefully I wont hurt anyone's feelings before I get it together.


Magnolia Blossom Art said...

Maybe this will brighten you day!!! I know it doesn't compare with the issues you are facing ... hopefully it will put a smile on your face and make things a bit better in some way ... just in time to cheer you us ... You won the giveaway on my blog!!! Lucky you, Bonnie's work is beautiful!!! Get in touch:-)
Thanks for following my blog!!!

Abby said...

Sounds like you've been having a tough time of it!! I know a lot of folks in SC are suffering hour cuts and job loss--my dad included. He got laid off back in January and is still looking for work.

We have something else in common, too. My husband's cousin, Shelby, left for Iraq right after Christmas. She'll be there for 18 months. She's a medic. We, too, are very proud of her, but cautiously worried as well!!!

So I'll be praying for your family ,and mine. :) Thanks for your kind words on my blog! Take care.