Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Going To Have a New Daughter-in-law

Karieann & Thomas

Our youngest son woke me up a 6:30am to tell me he had asked his girlfriend to marry him. And she said yes.

The family is expanding. They are planning a spring 2010 wedding. That gives me time to lose some weight.Maybe the thought of all those pictures will motivate me.

I am already thinking about a design for a quilt for them and he doesn't think you can have enough pillows.

She is a very sweet girl and they make a nice couple. Randy is thinking about having more grandkids in a few years to spoil.

I am very tired need some sleep but thought I should post this in case some family members had not heard.

Everyone have a great week.

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Crystal Raen said...

Oh wow, congrats!!! How exciting, sorry I haven't been commenting much lately, but you have an award waiting for you on my blog. Take care!