Monday, May 18, 2009

The Adoption is Final!!

My oldest daughter; Angelique is not able to have children. But even as a little girl she always wanted to be a Mom. So in January 2007 her and her husband took into their home to wonderful little boys. At the time they were stationed in Germany and the boys are from Oklahoma. Before the adoption could become final she got orders to Illinois. So then they had to meet standards for both states. During all that time we could not display their pictures on any of our web sites. That's tough on a Nana. But as of today they are legally my grandsons . So now I can post all of my grandchildren pictures.

It's a happy day in this family.


Rosemary said...

Oh, how wonderful! Your new grand babies are a handsome pair!

Congratulations grandma!

Rosemary said...

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