Thursday, October 1, 2009

Remember Our Troops

I talked to my oldest daughter yesterday. She is a MSgt in the USAF deployed to Kuwait. I realized while talking to her how much we as Americans go about our daily lives never thinking about the men and women who are defending our way of life. We spending time almost everyday on our computers,watch tv(and complain there is nothing on our 200+ channels),eat what every we want and hug our family.

So many of our men and women are deployed to dangerous places missing their families,missing that cookie or chips we are eating and would be happy to watch reruns. And would be very happy to have to deal with homework and ball practice.

Lets all try to take a moment each day and pray for these brave men and women and the ones at home who are anxiously awaiting their return.

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Taylor B. said...

I live right across the water from Parris Island (where Marines are made) so I hear the new recruits on the rifle-range. Just this morning, listening to them made me so proud but it also made me wonder if they are crazy or brave. I suppose it's a bit of both. They're job consist of something that so many people would never have the guts to do and for that, I thank them.
When I see a Marine when I'm about town I see them as myself, just a civilian, but when I see them in their camis (which is rare) I am reminded of the good in this town and this country.