Friday, April 29, 2011

Boneless Pork chops

We are both out of work but we still like to eat good. We are inspired by the shows on Food Network. We go Thur our sales papers and coupons to get the best deals on staple items for pantry and fridge. Then we hit in store specials (reduced meats,produce,discontinued items). We come up with tasty meals on a limited budget.
Tonight's supper was boneless butterfly pork chops $6.23 for 4 pieces 2 for tonight,2 for tomorrow's breakfast. Zucchini .69,yellow squash .83,whole button mushrooms $1.50.
to prepare pork used 1 tbsp of olive oil from pantry to coat baking dish. Seasoned pork with salt,black pepper,onion powder,garlic powder,and Italian seasoning. Baked at 350 for 1 hour turning after half hour.
Used white potatoes from pantry peeled and quartered 6 potatoes put in oven safe bowl with 1/4 stick of butter sliced white onion and bacon strips on top. Baked with pork for last 45 minutes.
Zucchini and yellow squash sliced in circles steamed in microwave with salt and pepper for 15 minutes. After steaming chopped white onions and shredded cheese were put on top and cover while remaining foods were finished.
Mushrooms were washed and( 6 set aside for tomorrow's breakfast) sliced and sauteed in 1 Tbsp of butter.
Made a lovely tasty supper with ingredients left for the next meal.

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