Monday, October 13, 2008

It's Monday ,Again!

I had a great weekend. My daughter and granddaughter came for a visit. Ashton(granddaughter) wants to make a body pillow next time she comes. I am starting her in crafting early.

I enjoyed the race on Saturday night, hated I couldn't be there. Our friends were camped in the infield in turn 1. We go with them in May but haven't been able to make an October race yet. My husband's driver won(Jeff Burton) he is now in 2 in the points chase. Randy will be so happy if he wins the championship.

O, my panthers forgot to show up in Tampa. It was soooo sad.

I got some items done and in the etsy shop, my first quilt for etsy, and a Halloween tote bag. I will be adding more things this week.

Thanks for dropping by. Please come again.

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