Sunday, October 19, 2008

What A Weekend

It's only Sunday night,but I declare this weekend OVER! It started off bad Friday with my car not starting while I was in Greenville,(a loose battery cable) and went down hill from there.
I did manage to start a new project this afternoon. I am working on a quilted baby blanket for my etsy shop so far it is beautiful.
I am going to post a summary of my family members so you will know who I am talking about. And also realize why I am crazy.
Husband-Randy-the love of my life
Our Children
Angelique-TSgt USAF-husband-Brian-sons-Derrea,Lavelle
Julie-direct sales-husband-Bobby-daughter-Ashton
Chris-musician and artist
Thomas-It tech for Verizon
Brandy-college freshman
Jenny-high school senior
Missy-our cat she really owns the house let's us live here lol
You can imagine how wild things get during holiday season . My crafting seems to help me keep my sanity. I also love to read if anyone read a good thriller let me know.
Going back to work on the blanket remember the weekend is over.

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