Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 - Remembered

2009 was a year which found a lot of Americans unemployed,losing lots of money in their investments, ans many losing their homes. It has been a hard year for many and most will welcome 2010 with hopes of better times.
In January we saw our first african-american president sworn in. He has taken over a job that is filled with turmoil. I pray that he will do his job well and to the betterment or the country. He can not make everyone happy,but no one can. Let's just hope that we can look back on this time as changing for the good.
In 2009 the death angel claimed many of our celebrities. This link will take you to a list of them .
The one that it me the hardest was the death of David Carradine I have long been a fan of his.
My family was blessed to have two graduations this year Brandy from King's College and Jenny from Byrnes High.
We were very blessed to have Angelique return from Kuwait after a 6 month tour on Thanksgiving day.
2009 will be remembered with both good and bad which can be said of any year. But I chose to believe the good out weighted the bad.
Everyone have a safe and Happy New Year!!

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Carol............. said...

Yes, I too am a fan of David Carradine and loved his "Kung Fu" series so many years ago. There was always a positive message in that show...unlike some of the negative garbage that's on TV today.

Have a Great New Year!