Sunday, December 20, 2009


We as Christians complain that Christ has been taken out of the day. But aren't we part of the problem?
Christmas has coming to mean big get togethers to eat,drink,and exchange gifts. We rush around shopping for gifts for folks who we don't know what they need or want. Just because that is what is expected. In what way does this honor our Lord? He cleared the temple of moneychangers yet isn't that what we are doing creating sales in his name that in no way honor him. We go in debt ,skip payments that should be made and do without so we can give a "nice gift". It makes more sense to buy a gift for a loved one when you see something they would enjoy or you think would make them happy instead of buying something ,anything so that you fit the mold. If I see the perfect gift for you in April why should I wait til December to give it to you?
Christmas should be the time that Christians celebrate the birth of our savior not turn it into a social celebration.
I tried to cancel Christmas at my house this year no one is coming over on Christmas day and I only put out a few decorations, no tree. It's not that I don't want to buy gifts for my loved ones I want to do it when .I see something I think will make them happy without consulting the calendar or having to buy everyone something at the same time.
Thanksgiving is a much better holiday to me it is about family and friends gathering to eat a feast,give Thanks and watch football. No pressure about gifts and who spent the most . No hurt feelings.

Christmas should have Christ put back into it by us Christians then maybe the world would get the picture.
I know I am guilty of selling Christmas items in my shop habits are hard to break but we do need to but the emphasis on the real reason for the season the birth of our Savior. How many of us stop and read the story of his birth on Christmas eve? Or we just to busy doing Christmas.
I would love to hear your comments on the subject.

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