Monday, December 28, 2009

A New Week

It's a new week and at the end of it we get a new year.
Hopefully my depression is lifting. Most people love this time of year,but for me it just seems so stressful and depressing. I hope everyone did enjoy their holidays and not be down. I keep telling myself I will enjoy it more next year.
I am ready to start some new projects. I have a few new sewing items coming soon to my Etsy shop. And the amazing thing is that I am working on a piece of mixed media art. I am discovering interest I never knew I had.
Full time work starts back Jan. 4. But hopefully I will be able to manage my time better than I have in the past since I have an empty nest now.
Everyone be sure to make your charitable donations by Thursday if you are going to take them as a tax deduction. Remember to get a receipt. Also remember that property taxes paid on your home can be deducted even if you don't itemize. More tax tips to come later.

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