Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I am having a terrible go of it lately! So i figure i should count my blessings. It's suppose to make you realize how lucky you are!

1. I have a husband that loves me ;we are the odd couple I am Oscar,he's Felix.

2.All our children are in good health,have decent jobs,and a decent place to live. Even the 2 in college have part-time jobs.

3.We are not in danger of losing our home and we actually eat too much.

4.Our health is not doing well right now but we do have good health insurance.

5. Angelique is in Kuwait but it seems to be a safe location and November is right around the corner.

I am just tired , I am being pulled in so many directions,expected to solve every one's crises. But after 35 years of taking care of everyone else I need some me time. Why does no one understand???


Rosemary said...

A mama's job is never done is it? I love that you took the time to count your blessings!

CurlyfrySC's Collage said...

My gosh! I know exactly what you mean! I always listen to peoples problems, do favors for them, a walking calendar for everyone and over the past two years, I'm finally learning to say "no" to people and they are disappointed in me when I do. It's not wrong to be selfish sometimes and people just don't get that! So, take time for yourself. They'll get over it!